Nick Höppner

Nick Höppner

As a longtime Berliner by choice Nick Hoeppner contributes at many levels to the present house and techno underground. His wide-ranging activities have made him a fixture this scene. Be it through his residencies at Berghain and Panorama Bar, his solo releases on Ostgut Ton, his extensive DJ tours, or through his work as a label manager of Ostgut Ton; Nick stands out here always particularly dedicated person of the electronic music world.

As a DJ and producer Nick Hoeppner puts all the characteristics of a lifelong music lover on the day. Aware of the history, emotions, stories and situations that arise from this music, Nick draws great freedom from the eclectic range that bears the 4/4-rhythm in itself, to express his taste and musical instinct. In his five solo releases for Ostgut Ton Nick avoids clever to let themselves commit to only one direction. Instead, we find rich, uplifting House, deeply melodic techno Dub Sessions, spooky, percussive work on deep house miniatures and lots of full color, musical statements. Even as a remixer Nick shows with great enthusiasm his passion for storytelling's how his interpretations for Asusu on Livity Sound, Dauwd on Music Pictures, or Airhead Show on Brainmath.

Are you look Nicks typically rather long DJ sets out expected a similarly wide-ranging discoveries. Whether it is a sturdy, Party-compatible House set, a dramatic techno adventure for larger floors, or about everything in between is - Nick is always located at a varied tension, with which he makes his way through the musikalsiche spectrum of his choice , Thanks to its self-confident approach and his strength of character he may be always settle on a number of his contemporaries behind the decks.

Nick Höppner openness and love for the music as well as his professional background as a former editor at Groove Magazine have ultimately led him to his position as manager of the Berghain / Panorama Bar in-house label Ostgut Ton. From the label founded in late 2005 Nick played here (until his resignation in late 2012) an influential role and helped to send the musical message of the Club-Residents in the world, and expand the platform continually and to nurture the prosperity of the label. In March 2015 his solo debut album "Folk" was released on Ostgut Ton.

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