Monty Luke

Monty Luke

Monty Luke is a revolution in sound – a forever push towards forward thinking; a
man unafraid to explore the space beyond the assumed boundaries of electronic
dance music. What began in Brooklyn quickly spread, as Monty spun his way
across the west coast, honing in on a raw, brain-pumping sound that would
catapult him into the great unknown.

Monty Luke began producing in the early 2000s, releasing “What U Feel”
alongside Sam Urton under the Loopwreckas moniker. Shortly thereafter, Monty
struck again, this time with Stompy Hi-Fi resident DJ Tasho. Released on
Mothership Music, the track, “Paranoid,” showcases Luke’s punk rock mentality –
a force of creative ferocity and out-of-this-world vibe that so clearly characterizes
Luke’s distinct style.

In mid 2008, it seemed fitting Monty would relocate to Detroit, the birthplace of
techno music. He began work with his mentor, techno legend Carl Craig, and
produced “Panik Attack,” the un-nerving, hypnotic follow-up to “Paranoid.”
Managing the development of Craig’s home-based label, Planet E
Communications, Luke received the encouragement to push ahead, to new
frontiers of the sonic mind. 2009 saw the release of yet another single, the
nebular “Art, Love, and War.” With each track, Luke has expanded the horizons
of techno music. During 2010, he was a part of the D25 World Tour, celebrating
the 25th anniversary of Detroit Techno, alongside DJ’s such as Theo Parrish,
Kenny Dixon Jr., Derrick May, and more. In 2011, Monty launched his own
imprint, Black Catalogue. The label is focused on raw, underground electronic
music talent and will primarily be a stage for him to release music on his own
terms. You can also hear Luke monthly, on his Scion A/V show “Wave of the

Monty Luke is determined to bring his outer-galactic, unapologetic, jack track
music to our world and back again. The time is now.

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