Lake People

Lake People

Lake People is the solo project of Leipzig-based Martin Enke. From there he takes off to play his magnificent live sets all over the world.

In his unpretentious way he has managed in a short time to create his own sound universe, which is difficult to be withdrawn. Not because it is so pleasing, but because it touches sensitive spots without jumping on you directly. Rooted in the vastness of melancholy electronica with a long techno past Lake People today produces a form of house that just because - or despite - is able to overcome the conflict between dance floor and pulled back so elegantly with its deepness and organic warmth.

Publications on Permanent Vacation, Connaisseur Rec., Ghostly International, a constantly increasing output of remixes for artists like Lusine, Chymera, Dixon & Guy Gerber etc. speak for themselves. No wonder that his "Point Ep" on Krakatau Records can be found not only in Dixons Boiler Room set, but also in countless others.

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