Since his beginnings in 1999, Joakim has taken great efforts to avoid being pigeonholed and has grown on the outskirts of the French Touch and international Club scenes, becoming one of their major players and an ever surprising outsider.

Year after year, Joakim has gathered experiences that confirm his global vision of music and explored many facets of the musical spectrum: a musician with five albums under his belt; a label founder and manager (the fantastic Tigersushi and the recent vinyl-only Crowdspacer imprint); a self-taught graphic designer (he designs his record covers and most of the label’s artworks); a DJ whose huge musical spectrum makes him equally at home at Panorama Bar, and outdoor rave or an art show afterparty; a fashion enthusiast (he launched Tigersushi Furs with his cousin); a producer (for Panico, Poni Hoax, Zombie Zombie, Y.O.U., Montevideo...); a high-profile remixer who sends the tracks he works on into another galaxy; a sound designer for catwalks (Chanel, Margiela, Balenciaga); and a growing interest in contemporary art, working on Camille Henrot's installations and videos (who won the Silver Lion at the 2013 Venice Biennale with the video Grosse Fatigue) or making sound installations (Gwangju Biennale in 2014 curated by Jessica Morgan).

From Fantômes in 2003, deviating house music from the end of the 90’s, to Nothing Gold in 2011, a vision of pop music as defined by the DFA label, and the more cerebral, frosty and metallic Monsters & Silly Songs in 2006, Joakim has left his fingerprints on current electro, modernizing and hybridizing it, with no concern for schools and genres, taking his inspiration from new wave as well as krautrock, noise and disco, soul and pop, ambient and house…

That genre-bending approach is also the basis of Joakim's unique DJ style. In the path of his Dj heroes such as Larry Levan, Harvey or Optimo, Joakim will always surprise his crowd with a real journey through music, being at ease in super clubs like Berghain in Berlin or Output in NYC as well as in small sweaty underground parties or fancy art openings. Besides being a much in demand DJ, Joakim also performs live, performing his own music on stage with synths, effects, a bass player and a drummer.

In 2013, Joakim moved from Paris to New York where he recorded his fifth album « Tropics Of Love » and built his new studio located in Gowanus, Brooklyn (the Crowdspacer studio where he's been recording his own music as well as working as a producer with various artists (The Rapture, Charlotte Gainsbourg...). That is when he's not busy Djing somewhere in the world or touring with his live band. Workaholic you said?

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