Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz was born and raised in south germany where he also took his
first musical steps as a dj in local clubs playing rap, hip hop, rare groove and
jazz and Detroit techno. Soon after he started to spin regularly he was also
interested in computer music production and started to do his own
productions in 1992 with a few drumachines and synths. When he got his first
laptop in 1998 he started to integrate it into his dj-sets and soon the laptop
played an important role in all his music activities. The software got better and
better and Henrik was enjoying the new possibilities.

1999, after he had finished his studies in graphic design, henrik decided to
move to Berlin and worked as a graphic designer for several years. By-and-by
things developed nicely also on the music side and he had the chance to
found his own label Sunday-Music together with Sasse Lindblad who had just
released Henrik’s first ever vinyl 12" called “Supravision EP” on his label
Moodmusic records in 2002. “Marvin”, one of the tracks on the record, got
attention from many djs around the world, especially BBC’s Gilles Peterson
took it in his show and played it with immediate effect. From that moment
things made a great leap forward for Henrik: he received first remix requests
and started to travel to the UK and other European countries. His next
releases “Jon” on Sunday-Music and especially “VChicago” on Moodmusic
became very successful and made him shift his activities more and more from
design towards music production and travelling.

Over the last years with international bookings all around the globe, with
regular appearances in Japan, America etc. Henrik improved his Henrik
Schwarz live show and is now one of the most requested live acts in the
dance scene. At the same time Henrik produced a string of very well received
remixes and own tracks: Walk A Mile In My Shoes for Coldcut on Ninja Tune
became one of the biggest club hits of 2006, Leave My Head Alone Brain
bridged the gap between jazz and techno and soul and was super well
received by deejays from hip-hop to house to techno and became the biggest
hit for sunday-music so far. Until today he has done remixes for many very
well known names like Mari Boine (Universal), Kuniyuki (Mule Musiq), DJ Hell,
Tosca (G-Stone), Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (deeper soul), James Brown,
Dark Globe Feat. Boy George, Omar Feat. Stevie Wonder, Jazzanova, Jesse
Rose, Detroit Experiment, Michael Jackson (Motown) and many others.

2006, as a result of him getting more and more known by a wider audience,
henrik was asked by !K7 to do one of their famous Dj-Kicks series and the
result has been regarded as “one of the highlights of the series” and led to
another cooperation of the label and henrik: Henrik Schwarz live with
recordings from his intoxicating live shows from all over the world.

With Dixon and Âme from Innervisions Henrik released “Where We At” with
Derrick Carter on vocals which became an instant classic and marked the
beginning of a fruitful and close collaboration between Henrik and Innervisions
until today with successful releases and remixes like Amampondo and Henrik
Schwarz – I Exist Because Of You (Amampondo is a very famous south
african percussion group), Ane Brun – Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz
Remix, Dixon Edit), Crocodile Iv-Rmx For Underworld, Hold My Hand Iv-Rmx
for Unkle and many others culminating in the first unforgetable laptop
supergroup live show of the dreamteam together “A Critical Mass” in
Amsterdam and more gigs around 2009 at Melt!, Dissonanze in Rome, Detroit
Electronic Music Festival, NY, Japan and many others to come.

2009 also saw the release of a very well received compilation called the
Grandfather Paradox were Henrik Schwarz, Âme and Dixon were looking
back at the last 50 years of minimalistic music from Stevie Reich to Robert
Hood and correlated the past and today to throw a glance at the future with
the help of todays technology.

Early 2010 Henrik Released the Schwarzonator. It is a music software plug in
on the basis of the music programming environment max/msp. Schwarzonator
helps creating complex harmonic structures for the computer musician. It can
also help interacting with instrumentalists and led to another major discussion
about the use of the computer as a musical instrument. More software like this
will be written by Henrik in the future to expand the performance and
improvisation possibilities given by computers today.

Henrik already worked with the Chicago based jazz trio Ethnic Heritage
Ensemble on live performances earlier in his career with gigs in bBrdeaux and
Chicago etc. His most recent live duo project together with world-famous jazz
virtuoso Bugge Wesseltoft from Norway happened at several venues all over
Europe in 2009 with gigs in Berlin, Oslo, the Jazz Festival Montreux and
others. It is about the free improvisation between a laptop and a grandpiano
played by two musicians who both have a great knowledge from the ohter
one’s musical background. 2010 took the duo to a sold out London’s Royal
Festival Hall with more gigs in 2010 for example at the Philharmonic Hall
Cologne or the Norway Numusic Festival and many other venues around the

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