Range, appeal and a massive dose of nasty, gritty bass are the three chief weapons every Dirtybird artist has in his quiver, but Ardalan seems to be the peak culmination of all those assets in one wieldy point. This young archer has had the incomprehensible luck to fall into crew with his idols, be reared by their best and given some of their most guarded musical secrets, then hoisted to a platform to blare his prodigious beats from places where most creators can only dream of being.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Ardalan Noghre-Kar possesses a peculiar, fresh perspective on music genesis without even trying. His mixes, remixes and dubs are known for their sass, energy and wickedly wry samples that snap like a wet towel to the face, but his original tracks are where his efforts shine, like those released with Justin Martin-“Mr. Spock,” a 2010 party anthem charted by Diplo and Jesse Rose, and “Lezgo,” charted by Dog Blood (Skrillex and Boyz Noise)-and those soon-to-be-released on his own EP with Dirtybird. It's no wonder he's been given the nod by everyone from Papa Dirtybird himself (Claude Von Stroke) and A-Trak to those who are charting his remixes, like Maya Jane Coles, Audiojack, and Riva Starr, the last of whom he has an upcoming remix for to be released on Snatch.

The greatest strength in Ardy's music is his ability to whip out hits that work equally well from the dankest basements to the most opulent dancefloors; sounds that satisfy those with diverse tastes who can unite under his single agenda of having a good time.

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Upcoming Shows
Date Venue City
07/30/16 Fairplex Pomona
08/05/16 Billy's Lounge Grand Rapids
08/06/16 Ascend Boston
08/12/16 Place on 7th Las Vegas
08/13/16 Treasure Island San Francisco
08/19/16 Twisted Trails OffRoad Park Copemish
08/26/16 Kingdom Nightclub Austin
08/28/16 Belle Isle Park Detroit
09/04/16 Push Ultra Lounge St Petersburg
09/09/16 Bang Bang San Diego
09/10/16 Club Vinyl Denver
10/01/16 Kauai Crossfit Lihue
10/07/16 Oak Canyon Park Silverado
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11/10/16 The Hifi Club Calgary
11/11/16 Ardalan: 9910 Fort Saskatchewan
12/31/16 The Music Box San Diego